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NORTHWEST FREERIDERS – Ages 10 – 18.  Strong riding skills are required for this program.

STARTS – Opening weekend, 2019.

ENDS - April 8, 2020

TIMES – 10am – 3:00pm Saturday and Sundays

COST - $625.00 ( Includes athletes insurance) 


This is our full competitive program for all styles of riding, including Freestyle, Freeride, Snowboard and Alpine. This program trains on hill both Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 3:00pm. Northwest Freeriders is our competitive level program and as such, not only will athletes have the opportunity to travel provincially to participate in a variety of competitions and events, we will also be hosting our own events at Shames Mountain.  Our club needs the dedication, support, and help of our athletes and their families to help our club and our athletes have a successful year.We recommend that you participate in dryland training 1 day/week at either the Terrace Peaks Gymnastics Club or at the Kitimat Dynamics Gymnastics Club. Fees for participation in gymnastics programs are NOT covered in the Shames Mountain Ski Club registration fee and must be paid separately to the gymnastics clubs


SHAMES MOUNTAIN RIDERS – Ages 8 – 15.  Must be able to ski/board chairlift and t-bar runs confidently.                                                            .

STARTS – January 4,2020 Saturday or January 5,2020

ENDS - March 28,2020  Saturday or March 29,2020 Sunday 

TIMES – 10am – 3:00pm

COST -$ 400.00 ( Includes athlete insurance) 


This is our one day program (Saturday OR Sunday) for Freestyle, Freeride, Snowboard and Alpine. Athletes will have as much access to training as our competitive program, but one day/week. The focus for this program is local and regional events (Terrace/Smithers/Kitimat). One day athletes will benefit from, and are encouraged to participate in dryland training at either the Terrace Peaks Gymnastics Club or the Kitimat Dynamics Gymnastics Club. There are additional fees, payable to the gymnastics clubs, to participate in their programs.  We plan to host local events at Shames Mountain and we welcome the support and help of athletes and families to help make these events a great success.


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