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Local Supporting Businesses 

Gold Seal of Support: This level of commitment to the development of the Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club can not be given enough thanks. Without the support of these businesses and individuals we would not be the club that we are today.  We thank them for all their support and the help they have given over the years.

Thank you Mark from Entrec and  Bill from 101 Industries Ltd. Without your support and dedication to our club and community, the move of our club house would never have been possible. All present and future athletes, coaches and board members thank you.

Silver Seal of Support: These companies and driven individuals are currently supporting the Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club. Without them, the seasonal tasks of events,trips and maintenance of our club house and safety gear would not be possible.

Bronze Seal of Support: When we needed help in the past years, these were some of the first people to lend a hand to the club. We thank them for all their past efforts and ongoing support.




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